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Car Rentals

Al Malki Car rentals involves renting out vehicles to customers for a specific period of time, typically for personal or business use. Car rental companies provide customers with a range of vehicles to choose from, including sedans, SUVs, vans, and luxury cars.


We provide cost effective transportation facilities for your goods all over the kingdom. Whatever may be the size of your necessity , we have suitable goods vehicles to carry them. Al Malki also provides chiller facilities for goods. Success depends on attention to many details: Routes need to be determined based on expediency, regulatory environments and avoiding obstacles ranging from road repairs to wars and adverse weather conditions.We offer customised solutions for temperature sensitive shipments including consumer foods, pharmaceuticals, retail and agri-food sectors.

Warehouse Rental Services

Al Malki provides storage for food and non food items in secure warehouse facilities. Our warehouses are protected with industry standard safety and security parameters like fire proofing, surveillance cameras and access control systems. We have a very good pest control system and the premises are scientifically ventilated to avoid damage of goods. We provide a centralised storage location with enhanced inventory management.We promise our Safety for your goods.

Cold Storage Solutions

Al Malki's other service such as Cold Storages helps for prolonged safety measures for food or any other substances . We provide storage facilities with cooling and freezing options for food and other perishable products. Atmospheric temperature is set and monitored properly from time to time for ensuring the sustainability of cooling. We are continuously expanding our facilities and our service offerings to meet the ever evolving needs of our clients.

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Your safety is our top priority, we are committed to the safest driving mode and rigorous health and cleaning standard.